Stress and tension are part and parcel of the modern day lifestyle. People are quite busy from morning to night with no time for recreational activities and relaxation. They are striving hard to keep up with the pace of the modern lifestyle that results in the accumulation of stress and tension over time. Tension takes over their lives after some time and makes it impossible to carry on their day to day activities. This is where pressure point massage comes in handy. It is one of the most effective massages out there to relieve tension. Here is how to relieve tension with pressure point massage.
There are many pressure points in an individual’s head as well as the temple. A majority of tension headaches occur in the frontal areas of the forehead and the side of the temporals. The key pressure point or Chinese Meridian point is right near the outer-tips of the eyebrows. Massage these tips gently without squeezing them. It helps release a lot of pressure on the temporal or sphene basilar or the Ayurvedic Chakra points. The inner-tips of the eyebrows contain a great pressure point for sinuses. Too much of computer work builds up the pressure on this point. Gently massage this point towards your nose without squeezing or pushing against it. The length of massage can be anywhere from three to ten seconds.
Moving on to the head, you find a seam right where the temporal muscle begins (where the forehead meets the side of the temporal). You will find two good pressure points on either side of your head. Use your forefingers to gently massage these points for 3-10 seconds. If your fingers are not feeling steady, use your palms and press with your thumbs instead. It will make a wonderful release of pressure from the area. These are some of the great pressure points to cure sinus issues as per Eastern philosophy and Ayurveda medicine. Releasing tension in this areas will bring clarity to your head. They are really great pressure points to massage after working on the computer for hours and hours.
A great way to end the massage is by massaging the governor vessel at the very top of your head. The governor vessel brings the energy down to your body. So, if you are a very mental person, it is an excellent way to calm and ground you. This is a pressure point that you need to engage at least for a good 20-seconds or more. It provides a calm feeling and grounds you in your body. You may find a reduction of your mental chatter with this massage. This is the way to relieve stress and tension with pressure point massage.
In conclusion, stress and tension are part and parcel of life today. People suffer psychologically as well as physically due to excess stress and tension. The aforementioned article provides an overview of how to relieve stress and tension with pressure point massage.

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