What is Deep Tissue Massage

These days, it seems as if everybody is taking a greater and greater interest in their personal health. While this may be a matter of fine tuning one’s appearance or abilities, it’s a proven fact that a healthy body makes any mind feel so much better. There seems to be an unlimited number of ways in which people try to make their bodies healthier. Sometimes it’s as simple as cutting fast food out of one’s diet or drinking more water, while more desperate and drastic measures such as intense exercise regimes and invasive surgeries may be needed to salvage damaged bodies. Sometimes it need not even be intense; it may be as simple as more water or a simple, comforting massage.

Massage is an ancient technique used to soothe pain in bones and muscles through the intervention not of surgery but plain old human hands. It’s not the easiest craft to learn and requires a solid knowledge of anatomy and a bit of physical strength, but many people will swear by the pain relief they get from a good massage. For those who can get a good massage, there are more than a few options. One particular option growing in popularity is the deep tissue massage. A deep tissue massage is a massage meant to go deeper into the human muscles than usual. The first step of this process is to prime the muscles before the masseuse begins. It’s similar to a Swedish massage, and in fact the Swedish massage forms the basis for a deep tissue massage, but deep tissue massage goes beneath the surface layer of muscles. It’s a common misconception that deep tissue massage is painful, but this is not entirely true. If a masseuse communicates with a client and is careful not to push them too far, a deep tissue massage can be somewhat rough, but not terribly painful for anybody. In fact, deep tissue massage can provide considerable relief for aches and paints and knots in the human muscular system.

One aspect of deep tissue massage in particular is its relationship to sports massage. Many who request a sports massage are actually better off with a deep tissue massage. A sports massage is intended to prepare the body for a sporting event or to help it mend itself afterwards, be it for simple relief or as part of an injury treatment plan. But deep tissue massage is also useful for mending injuries and is in fact quite useful for that purpose. However, a deep tissue massage happens at a slower, more relaxed pace than a sports massage, which is usually done rapidly. The benefit of the slower deep tissue massage is that it’s possible to affect deeper levels of the client’s musculature with little or no pain despite the fact that it goes far deeper than the average massage. With this in mind, it can pay to find out what kind of massage is best for your particular aches and pains, and for serious problems, a deep tissue massage is often just the ticket.

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